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Fashion Houses

We have a dedicated garment care department exclusive to Fashion Houses + Design Teams + Production Departments. This service eases cleaning, restoring, finishing and testing of garment materials + accessories used in any the production of any collection.

Runway’s master spotter and finishing team have been involved in the industry for over 25 years. We work exclusively with the most advanced eco-MINDED cleaning techniques to produce a superior finish. Runway offers a balanced group of highly accomplished individuals in the field of chemistry, finishing, and textile production, affording us to spot + finish even the most troublesome material.

Wondering if your fabric will bleed, burn or tear when cleaned? Runway offers a helpful and wildly informative Fabric Pre-Production Testing service that will elevate the guesswork behind production concerns.

Simply submit to us a swatch or accessory that you would like to have tested and we will send you the results and findings of the test performed.