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Green Practice


It is more than just a cleaning and washing your clothes. It is the lifestyle we desire for the future of mankind and a commitment to being environmentally conscious that makes us eco-responsible, which helps preserve our planet. But it happens so that there are other benefits to being green like:

• Cutting costs through reducing plastic wrapping & paper translates in better pricing to our customers.

• Using eco-friendly solvents that are chemical-free during care process is better for your skin.

• A PERC-free processing environment for our employees.

WHAT IS PERC (SCIENTIFIC NAME: TETRACHLOROETHENE) :Tetrachloroethene is a manufactured chemical that is widely used in the dry-cleaning of fabrics, including clothes. It is also used for degreasing metal parts and in manufacturing other chemicals. Tetrachloroethene is found in consumer products, including some paint and spot removers, water repellents, brake and wood cleaners, glues, and suede protectors. Other names for tetrachloroethene include PERC, tetrachloroethylene, perchloroethylene, and PCE. PERC is a commonly used name and will be used in the rest of the fact sheet. PERC is a nonflammable, colorless liquid at room temperature. It readily evaporates into air and has an ether-like odor. Because most people stop noticing the odor of PERC in air after a short time, odor is not a reliable warning signal of PERC exposure

Here’s a quick checklist of the facts so you can see for yourself.

Green Cleaning & Processing

We use a combination of eco friendly solvents and solutions. On our dry cleaning cycle we use a eco- conscious solvent to ensure lesser impact on the environment. We process as many garments as possible through our wet cleaning process. This is the most eco friendly form of cleaning your garments industry wide. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ORGANIC. WE TRY TO BE AS CONCIOUS AND RESPONSIBLE TO THE ENVIRONMENT AS POSSIBLE.

Hanger Recycle

About 3.5 billion hangers escape from US closets each year, ending up in already overflowing landfills. With close to 90% recycle rate, we are saving the environment from metal hangers that take over 100 years to decompose. You can also do your part by simply including your extra metal hangers in a safe plastic bag along with your next batch of clothes. We take your hangers in to disinfect, reface and restore them for future reuse on your garments. Each batch of hangers is assigned to the same order they came with.

Eco-conscious packaging

We utilize various methods of packaging your finished garments. By designing our own packaging we have created the most efficient way to deliver. We issue you five bags that will accommodate your dry cleaning, shirts laundered and your wash & fold if desired to use. Our packaging is composed of an array of non toxic components like: the dry cleaning bag made from recycled materials such as COKE BOTTLES and other plastics, recycled breathable woven cotton for our garment suit bags and finally our BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC BAGS which under the right conditions of compost or typical landfills will de compose and turn into H2O between 90 to 120 days. It is a dual-use bag, which is used as both your personal dry cleaning bag and as a garment sleeve. After your clothes are cleaned, they are grouped in batches of 5 pieces and then wrapped with one single layer of plastic wrapping and then placed in your personal Go Green Converta Bag. This cuts the usage of plastic and paper by over 80%! more