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Eco Friendly Bags

At RUNWAY, we take the initiative to be as ECO and EVIRONMENTALLY neutral as possible. Our array of green packaging options and supplies allows us to truly be proud of being a service provider that is dedicated to our environment and to our future.

Bag Options:

HAMPERS: We issue our members a set of bags that are individually labeled for DRY CLEANING or WASH + FOLD. Runway bags are made from a nylon that is composed of 100% RECYCLED soda plastic bottles.

SUIT BAGS: Our reusable cotton woven garment SUIT-like bags are issued to those members that prefer to have the option of using reusable and returnable bag. By reusing bags, it eliminates clutter and use of excess supplies that end up in landfills, whether they are made from degradable components or not.

CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS: The plastic bags we use are 100% made from corn, are bio-degradable and tend to decompose under landfill compostable conditions in just 90 days, returning to H2o.

PAPER BAGS: The paper bags that are used are white in color made and printed with organic inks and 100% recycled paper.

MARKETING + PROMOTIONAL PAPER: We use 100% recycled paper for all of our marketing and promotional printed products. They are also printed using organic inks.