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Dry Cleaning

In the old days, taking your garments to the dry cleaners meant having your garments cleaned in a solvent proven to be harmful to us, pressed by non-energy efficient old equipment, packaged in non-eco friendly or biodegradable supplies, and delivered by vehicles not so great for the environment.

Well, that has all changed! Having your garments processed by Runway Garment Care means that your garments are cared for with an array of ECO- FRIENDLY and completely BIODEGRADABLE SOLVENTS and each garment is finished in state-of-the art equipment. Equipment is energy efficient and specifically built to maximize the cleaning of fabrics and patters used by today’s designers and garment manufacturing facilities. Garments are packaged in eco-biodegradable plastics made from non-edible corn and paper that is 100% recycled. Deliveries are made in state-of-the-art delivery vans that use BLUE TACH technology which consume fuel made from RECYCLED + USED vegetable oil.

We know that it is our responsibility as a provider to implement our services with products and supplies that are good for you and for our environment because YOU + US can make a difference for a better tomorrow.