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Shirt Laundering

You will never again find broken buttons, stained cuffs and oddly pressed collars. Our shirt laundering service is set at various levels for you to pick and use as you choose. This service will leave you feeling good about your shirts, an essential component of your wardrobe.

From STANDARD CLEANING + MACHINE PRESSING to our elite HAND WASH + HAND PRESS, Runway assures that you shirt will return to you properly cleaned and pressed according to the service you select.

Feel like buttons are needed? Well we can replace one, two, or a full set. Want your shirts to come back with inserted collar stays? You can now choose to have collar stays installed on all hand pressed shirts. Our collar stays are elegant for all its uses.

In the event of a rigorous stain, stains are removed using ECO-SOLVENTS for all oil-based stains. Earth stains are removed by our standard WET-CLEANING system.