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Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is the technique in which we remove non-conventional stubborn EARTH + OIL stains that are not removed during the cleaning cycle. Spot Cleaning is used in cleaning of many COUTURE garments that are inherited delicate and cannot be cleaned in the standard cycle of STANDARD CLEANING.

This is a timely and delicate process, performed in many instances to garments that require specialized attention and detail. Our superb knowledge in chemistry and finishing allows us to properly handle each garment to achieve the highest quality of work possible.

At Runway, we pride ourselves on having the resources and ability to keep up with the fashion industry. This means being fully prepared and trained on fabrics, trims, skins, bearding and dyes. Spot cleaning plays a key role with dyes that tend to run or fabrics that may easily get damaged. Spot cleaning, for example, is also the preferred method of cleaning HAUTE COUTURE to maintain its delicate integrity.